La Mano of Hope

With hundreds of shoes, bras and the hope of helping others, a young woman accomplishes her goal!

Madison Breeze arrived from Warfordsburg, Pennsyvlania with 1000 pairs of shoes, both new and used, hundreds of bras, and the hope of helping other young people and individuals in poverty be able to get a head start.  This high school senior accomplished her goal and partnered with the non-profit organization, La Mano of Hope to bring this kind of help.

Madison’s mission started this past February when she discovered that La Mano of Hope was collecting these items to support projects in other countries where they travel and work to serve communities in need.

This past weekend, this young lady, along with her mother, delivered all of the items she had collected to La Mano of Hope in HagersShoeDrive2town, Maryland, fulfilling her mission, thanks to the collaborative efforts of hundreds of individuals from her local high school, churches, girl scout troops, weight watchers groups in Pennsylvania and Western Maryland, and other supporters.

“I think with this I am helping people have a chance to get ahead while also contributing to helping women who are coming out of prostitution and human trafficking in other countries,” stated Madison, a visionary youth who is a graduating senior at Southern Fulton High School in Pennsylvania, the school where she started her mission as the focus of her senior project.

Madison explained that her school expects students to complete a senior project as part of their graduations requirements, and she chose this project to demonstrate one of the core values of the school which is safety.

She stated that since beginning her project she has had the support of her mother, Vickey Breeze, who has watched her daughter work hard to successfully finish the project which was received with great gratitude and admiration from Kim Miller, medical project coordinator and Melissa Linn-Cañas, director of the organization, La Mano of Hope.ShoeDrive1

“It’s admirable and inspiring to see this young woman be able to accomplish so much in her efforts to help others, which is the mission of our organization,” Melissa expressed.

La Mano of Hope has been collecting shoes, new and used to deliver to the organization Funds2Orgs and bras, new and used to deliver to the organization Free The Girls.   The collected items are passed on to these organizations that facilitate micro-enterprises in developing nations.  The micro-enterprise industry represents one of the most effective ways to lift many families out of poverty in devastated economies.

Melissa shared that in just a few weeks the organization will be traveling to the country of Honduras in Central America to host free medical clinics in 5 different communities as well as soccer tournaments.  She added, that through the fundraising partnership with Funds2Orgs, each bag of shoes that has been collected, carrying 25 pairs each, will help supply antiparasitic treatment for 10 people in needy communities at no cost to them. Madison’s efforts in collecting shoes translates to 400 people receiving free antiparasitic medication.  She is an inspiration!


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