La Mano of Hope

Alex Ortiz Cañas

Alex completed his Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Communications from the Universidad Tecnológica de El Salvador. He has more than 20 years of experience in the field of communications.

He began his work in journalism in 1986 as a sports photographer working for the most widely circulated newspaper in El Salvador, La Prensa Gráfica. He established himself in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area in 1997 where he still lives and works. In 1999 he began working for the newspaper El Pregonero in the nation’s capital where he continued his employment until 2011.

He is now working in strategic communications in different areas of media including: publications, public relations, video, photography, graphic design as well as creating many different types of text publications. Alex helped co-found La Mano of Hope and has traveled on projects in Ecuador with Mano volunteers, directing sports clinics and managing communications needs.

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