La Mano of Hope

John Brantley

Mr. Brantley is an innovative educator specializing in non-traditional approaches to instruction. His specific areas of expertise include: Curriculum & Program Design, Instructional Systems Development, Technical Instruction Techniques, Quality Assurance, Student Persistence and Performance, Strengths Training

A United States Air Force veteran, he served as a Strategic Air Command Master Technician / Team Chief. During his twenty one years of service, he had the privilege of working with many of our nation’s top national laboratories.

Recognized as a training and development expert, he created many of the instructional systems utilized by the USAF to train technicians in ICBM Follow-on Test and Evaluation operations.

He has served as a consultant and technical advisor for both corporate and governmental agencies. His most recent work included a web-based seminar on technology integration in curriculum design for CTS in Brussels, Belgium.

Having spent over eighteen years of his life outside of the United States, he appreciates and values different cultures. These experiences allow him to bring a global perspective into the classroom.

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