La Mano of Hope



Andres Miquilma – Venezuela

“Es extraordinario servir con La Mano of Hope. Ecuador ha marcado mi vida y me ha movido a entregar más mi corazón a los necesitados.” “It is extraordinary to serve with La Mano of Hope.  Ecuador has maride my life and has moved me to give more of my heart to those in leed.”


Eli Cheshire-7 year old-United States.

“It is fun to help the other children in need of help. I hope the soccer shirts we made help them feel good. I want them to feel better than they did. It is just FUN to help them. I like giving them soccer balls, too. I like giving them love and friendship.- 7 year […]


Joel Flower – United States

“I took a missions trip to Uganda and loved it!! Can’t wait to do it again.”


Cristy Haro- 8 year old- Ecuador

“Look at my brother. His shoes are no good and he can’t play like that. I just want him to have a pair of shoes so he can play soccer.” Cristy was able to have  shoes for both her and her brother, thanks to your generous donations